LINNÉ products are made from all-natural botanical compounds. All ingredients are selected for their superlative quality and known ability to penetrate deep below the surface layers of the skin to purify, hydrate, nourish and protect. 

To insure freshness and efficacy, all LINNÉ products are made in small batches from a diverse collection of native, wild-harvested and organic plant-based ingredients and minerals and include use by dates.

Beyond being safe, the ingredients used have the potential to help:

  • Protect DNA from free radical damage
  • Enhance the immune and circulatory systems.
  • Rejuvenate tissue through cellular oxygenation
  • Improve mood by way of aromatherapy

Even LINNÉ bottles are clear, whether they are glass or recyclable BPA-free plastic; LINNÉ stands for keeping things simple. Inspired by the Swedish botanist, Carl Von Linné, LINNÉ has designed a roman numeral classification system and “step” protocol, to make products easy and effective to use.

Additionally, LINNÉ aims to be a responsible business. Among other efforts, they donate 1% to plant and wildlife conservation.

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